Dina Adesthy Njoo

appy Holy Kids Balikpapan is a Christian School based on International Curriculum standard. We create a balance program where every child grows and learn in stimulating fun learning curriculum focuses on the whole child while providing opportunities for social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development through group activities and creative methods in preparation for the next level of education. As our commitment in education, we build the best curriculum for our children.


Aside from generating kids to have noble character, the school also understands how important the development of their intelligence. Every Happy Holy Kids’ student has clear goal setting in every semester, such as target in their writing, counting, reading, and understanding instructions in Bahasa and English.


After gaining the School Accreditation A, in 2011 and 2016 for each Kindergarten and  Preschool, we never stop developing. We know the importance of teacher training to supplement our team’s teaching skills. That’s why we are currently cooperationg with some of professional institutions.

We believe when the beginning of knowledge is fear of God, the early childhood education will be the best foundation for their future.